dance theatre of tennessee hansel and gretel spring series nashville ballet witch make up how to chrisopher mohnani

Hansel & Gretel: 7 Steps To Becoming A Witch

Dance Theatre of Tennessee brings the magic of the ballet to the stage through our dancers, choreography, costumes and makeup. Months and weeks before the show, we are carefully transforming dancers into characters to present the best show we possibly can to our audience.

dance theatre of tennessee hansel and gretel spring series nashville ballet witch make up how to chrisopher mohnani

Our upcoming Spring series on May 3rd-4th features “Hansel and Gretel” and we will turn a handsome man into an ugly witch in 7 easy steps! Check out the step-by-step process below on how to transform a face with our makeup tips.

1. First start with a clean face (fresh shaven for men) and apply a generous amount of eyebrow wax to the eyebrows to create a clean surface before makeup application.

2. Next, from your hair line to collar bone cover your skin with a basic green foundation with an added touch of green sparkle covering the entire face, neck and ears.

3.  Now that the wax is set on the eyebrows, fill in the eyebrows with an eyeliner pen creating a bold brow line. Next, highlight the brow underneath.

4. Using the same eyeliner pen, draw on “age” marks all across the face and neck, highlighting marks underneath. Add on a couple extra moles too!

5. Next, glue on fake eyelashes before adding any eye makeup. Then, create a dark eye with black eye shadow underneath the eye and highlight the upper lid with a copper eye shadow and a little highlighting underneath.

6. Apply the black lipstick.

7. Last, apply the wig and the look is complete!

We hope to see you at the show May 3rd – 4th at Father Ryan Auditorium! Click here to purchase your tickets online for priority seating.

Dance Theatre of Tennessee has been recently ranked first by a competitive, citizen-reviewed process through the Metro Nashville Arts Commission and has consistently been named as one of Nashville’s Top 15 Performing Arts organizations based on performance quality, overall business acumen and audience reach touching over 40,000 people through it’s performances and over 20,000 students through its outreach programs the past three years.

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